Wedding Invitation Tips during COVID-19

What is supposed to be one of the most exciting and joyful times in a couple’s life, has now too often become one of the most stressful times with unpredictable and unfathomable delays and cancellations due to COVID-19. At Tastefully Yours Ink, we are heartbroken for all of you who’ve been impacted by these unforeseen circumstances. Please contact us and we can work with you to help ease the stress by troubleshooting and helping you send wedding postponement cards, change of date cards, cancellation cards, or wedding invitations with the new wedding date.

In the event you are engaged but have not yet set a date and are uncertain what to do, here are some tips to help move forward with the wedding stationery process so once you have the date, you have all the information you need to place an order quickly.

1. Finalize your guest list

One of the most challenging parts of wedding planning is finalizing your guest list. Just when you think you have the final headcount, one of your parents reach out about their long lost cousin they’ve reunited with who would love to be a part of the big day. We recommend getting all your contacts in a spreadsheet and going through to make sure you have all the spelling and titles correct. This will help determine the number of cards needed and also enable you to take advantage of services such as recipient address printing where you upload your contacts and we will print them on your envelopes.

2. Narrow your choices for your wedding invite

Most engaged couples will determine a theme and style for their wedding and try to match their wedding stationery to that theme and style setting the stage for the event. If you are getting married outside on a farm, you may want to look at rustic wedding invitations and customize the colors to match the venue or the bridesmaids gowns. Perhaps you are getting married at a beach where you got engaged, you may want to choose invitations that speak to your destination wedding. Once you have your general design style and theme, you can narrow down your choices and start personalizing a few designs to see what works best. With Tastefully Yours Ink’s free designer assistance, you can request custom services or choose one of our suites from our Simply Yours Collection to customize for your big day. We can also help with wedding etiquette along the way. We recommend getting it all finalized and then once you have the date, you can update and order away.

3. Help with Coronavirus wedding invitation wording

During this pandemic, it's important to keep your guests reassured by letting them know what to expect at your wedding in terms of social distancing and germ spread prevention. If you are having a micro wedding, you don't need to provide additional details, but for a larger group you will want to address potential concerns such as face masks requirements, wedding ceremony seats distance, hand sanitizers access and so forth. This can be done on a wedding information card versus directly on your wedding invite.

4. Determine your wedding suite items

Once you have your design selected, you can focus on the accompanying wedding suite cards such as RSVP, information cards, and reception cards. At Tastefully Yours Ink, many of these cards can be customized so you can really make them unique to your wedding whether that’s injecting a little humor on the RSVP card or featuring your favorite canine on your information card.

5. Setup your wedding website.

Many engaged couples will set up wedding websites to share details about how they met as well as providing information about the event as details emerge. With multiple events during a weekend wedding, there are many logistics and updating them on the website makes it easy to make sure your guests get the most up-to-date information. This allows more flexibility when you are printing wedding invitations and other cards as you don’t have to include all the details. 

While it may seem you're at a standstill, we recommend you start with these tips which will get you moving forward with your wedding planning while alleviating your stress once you have confirmed your wedding date.